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Lots of stuff happened since my previous journal entry. Hard to recall everything in detail but, basically, Emi got her handbag and contents back. She was SO relieved. Everything was intact, including the money in her purse and her 'phone and Filofax. The handbag had been found virtually right after we'd driven away from the Co-op, where it had been lost, and immediately handed into the store. We'd gone back there once we'd discovered it was missing but, at that time, the staff said they hadn't found anything. In fact, the handbag was behind the counter all the was just that the counter staff hadn't let the other staff know they had found it. It was lucky that I went back again the next day to see if there had been any developments and discovered that it was there. So, all's well that ends well. Thankfully, there are some decent people in our village who did the right thing by handing it in...

Another visit to the Podiatrist today for further attention to my Diabetes afflicted feet. I have a brace on one of my toes now which is supposed to help. Got another dressing applied too.

Completed an interview with the magazine 'Songwriter' today. A lengthy interview which I hope may be of some interest to the magazine's readers.

Had a meeting with Mark Powell of Esoteric Records regarding their purchase of the Be Bop Deluxe catalogue. Some very interesting things going on with that. There may be a couple of surprises when the albums are eventually re-released.

Meanwhile, today sees the release of my album 'THAT OLD MYSTERIOSO,' an album that I happen to like very much. It was recorded last year but has had to wait for a suitable release date, along with many other finished albums backed up. Frustrating that these works can't find a way out more quickly, but I have to accept the practicalities of manufacturing and their packaging preparation. My ideas move, unfortunately, much faster than the system allows. Many years ago now, I said in an interview that albums should be released monthly, like magazines. We're still some way off that but, I'm getting closer to that ideal!


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