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Have been busy recording new tracks for the 'Old Haunts' album so, along with various domestic duties and other distractions, haven't found time to write a journal entry until now...

Some interesting work emerging for 'Old Haunts.' So far there are seven tracks but with a few more still needed to complete the project. Titles of tracks completed so far are: 'The Darkness Will Remain,' 'Bells Ring Sweet Across The Meadow,' 'Random Encounters,' 'Once Upon A River,' 'There Are Ghosts Here', 'Antique Interiors,' and 'Hard To Imagine.' All are vocal tracks so I may record a few instrumental pieces to break it up a little. The work continues...

My visit to the hospital for my eye injections a couple of weeks ago was disappointing. Scans revealed the ongoing deterioration of my eyesight and I had to have injections in both eyes. The doctors said they need to try a more 'aggressive' approach to the treatment, which basically means even more frequent injections so now I have to return to the hospital at the start of next month. It's so frustrating...

Meanwhile, the insanity that Brexit has thrust the country into continues with a Tory leadership contest, due to Mrs May stepping down as Prime Minister. The contenders for her job are being slowly whittled down by MP's votes and will eventually get to the point where only two candidates remain. These two will then be put forward to the national Conservative Party membership to vote and the winner will automatically become PM. (Which, of course means yet another leader the country as a whole has had absolutely no say in appointing.)

The contenders are a pathetic bunch but arch buffoon Boris Johnson looks like walking away with the prize. God help us, our own bumbling 'Pound-Shop Trump' or 'BoJo' as he's known to his fan base (but Bozo to me.) Johnson has many 'qualities' in harmony with Trump, not least the compulsion to tell lies and hurl infantile insults, (plus an equally bizarre hairstyle.) Of course, Trump is a Bozo supporter and is pushing for him to become PM.

If I had any say in this, (and I'm not and never have been a Tory voter,) I'd pick Rory Stuart as the best of a bad bunch. He's young, intelligent and seems to have a grasp of the reality of the situation. Whilst he's done much better in the race than most people expected, I fear he may be eliminated in today's round of voting, leaving just the hard-line Brexiteers to bring the country to a disastrous 'no deal' conclusion.

Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson came out and made a very good speech yesterday which highlighted the foolishness of leaving the European Union. He had been listening particularly to the creative community of musicians and artists who are, in the main, very much anti-Brexit and have serious concerns about the negative consequences of leaving the EU. He basically made the case for remaining, underlining the fact that, really we're all Europeans, a point I've been trying to make since this sorry debacle began three years ago.

Unfortunately, I know from discussions I've had with some neighbours and others that much of the Brexit vote was swung on an intense dislike of Europeans and immigrants. I heard the hoary old, "the French hate us," "the German's hate us" excuse from people who really ought to know better. And from the much older generation I even heard talk about Hitler and how we "beat the bloody Germans" in the war. Well, yes but I don't see what that has to do with leaving the EU in the 21st Century. As my son and daughter pointed out, the older generation won't live long enough to see the negative impact that Brexit will have on the young. Time we oldies stood aside and let the younger generation have a bite of the cherry.

Nevertheless, the worrying rise of 'populism' and nationalistic, right wing bigotry is causing more problems and division than at any other period in our post war history. It looks like the country will have to suffer the impact of this wrong-headed thinking until it learns its lesson the hard way. Hopefully, once Brexit advocates feel the cold steel of the outcome, they'll wake up and see the light. But maybe not. I'm not going to hold my breath...

Well, if nothing else, we can look forward to a Bozo lead Government Circus filled with clowning and pratfalls. Roll up, roll up!

Enough! As The Who once sang: "I'll pick up my guitar and play, just like yesterday..."


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This goes against all my better instincts, but I've got a minute or two to spare, so here goes: You're right about one thing. You don't know much about taxes, economics or tariffs. However, I assume you can read a chart. There's one on the Forbes website that shows unemployment rates and job growth for the last couple of decades. Your boy's wonderful unemployment rate is just a continuation of the trend set by the last 6 years of the Obama administration. As are your job figures. So the best you can say for Trump is that he hasn't screwed things up much--yet. However, given his record as a businessman, 6 bankruptcies and counting, it's only a matter of time…


Done talking? David not one of your posts had a single specific fact, nor did you offer a single specific fact to refute one of mine. You just make generic comments about how much you hate Trump. I may not know much about economics, taxes, and tariffs, but i know fairness. When the EU has a 10% tariff on US built cars and we only have a 2% tariff on EU built cars that's not fair. Yes, I and most American taxpayers and Corporations are enjoying paying less taxes.


Sorry. Done talking to you. You obviously know as much about economics, taxes, and tariffs (and who they hurt) as your boy does. #SAD. But at least you got a tax cut out of it...or so you think. Enjoy!


Oh, did'nt see your tariffs comments. Currently the EU has a 10% tariff on US built cars, and the US only has a 2.5% on EU built cars. Is that fair? How about we even those up, both at 2.5 or 10%, i don't care, but lets have fair tariffs.


Interesting comment David, President Obama always used to blame Bush for the economy. Now your all taking credit for Trump policies. Since Barack Obama, USA GDP is up, and unemployment is down. I forget how much the stock markets are up, but its a huge number. But because i'm intellectually lazy I can't be bothered to look. Google it, but my bank balance tells me its a fact.

Another fact for David; there are currently 6.6 billion job openings in the USA, which is more than we have unemployed people. Remember when Obama said Trump would need a magic wand to bring back manufacturing jobs, well apparently he found.

None of the above were sourced from Fox News thank you…

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