Attended the hospital again this morning for another dreaded eye injection. The sight reading test results were worse than the last time I attended, (and they were bad enough,) but the doctor decided to just inject one eye today. Last time I needed an injection in each eye. Nevertheless, one eye or two, it's still an unpleasant thing to endure. The needle hit a blood vessel this time too, ugh!

Next month I have to go for a cataract measurement procedure in preparation for my cataract operations, (in both eyes,) sometime in August. It seems that there's a six month waiting list for these operations.

The lady doctor I saw today was from somewhere in Europe and very nice. Hope that this ridiculous Brexit nonsense doesn't scare her off. I feel embarrassed to be British sometimes.

It's a bit of a medical week, this week. Yesterday I was at our local doctors surgery for a blood test. Then on Thursday I'm there again for my annual long-term-condition heath assessment. Also visited the local Pharmacy to pick up a fresh supply of needles for my insulin injections.

Until around three or four years ago, I'd never visited the doctor for anything at all. Stayed well clear of the whole medical shebang for most of my life. Now though, it seems I'm never away from the hospital and associated places.

I'm still working everyday in my studio, gradually nearing completion of the 'Vulcan Street' album. Having second thoughts about the title though. Not sure whether I should change it or not. It kind of suggests that there's a concept behind it but the songs aren't really linked in terms of themes. They do, however, fit a general 'pop-rock' style and all are, so far, vocal based songs. Have been using my new Backlund Super 100 DLX and Musicvox 'Space Cadet' guitars on the more recent tracks. Enjoying playing them, despite the infirmities in my hands. I'm trying to adapt as best I can but some chord shapes are impossible to form because of my arthritis and the diabetes caused 'Jupitrons.' (Actually that would make a good name for a band.)

One of my favourite albums was reissued as a digital download on Bandcamp today: 'Return To Jazz Of Lights' has been unavailable for five years since the CD run sold out. I'm really pleased the album is once again available as I believe it to be one of my very best works. Despite the word 'Jazz' in the title, it's not really a pure jazz album but definitely has 'jazzy' overtones on certain tracks, but there's also a bluesy vibe to the album and plenty of guitar and vocals. Hard to describe but there's virtually nothing on the album that I would change, (and that's a rare thing for me.)

I'm just about to power up my studio to begin working on a new song so I'll end here. But just for your interest, here are the titles of the tracks I've completed so far....