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First stage of my annual medical assessment completed this morning. A fairly quick appointment to have a sample of my blood taken along with a urine sample. These will go off to the lab for testing, then stage two on Friday morning when I have to return to get the results and have an examination with the diabetes nurse.

Now, back at home and already working in my studio. Have completed the track I was attempting to mix last night but didn't get around to finishing. The mix is now finalised and the track has the title 'Glass Shadows.' I also have another finished new track titled 'Wonder Street.'

At some point, I should listen back to all this new material and try to assemble a running order for an album. I already have enough material to make another double album but I think I'll split it into two separate albums and keep one focussed on the instrumental side of things. I might even use 'Wonder Street' as the album's title.


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