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Emi and I enjoyed a long, (and somewhat liquid,) lunch today with three friends who I haven't seen for a while. (Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter John Parr and his wife Sharon, and one time guitar dealer Rick Harrison.) They drove over to our village for a pleasant lunch in our favourite village pub. We lingered a long time after we'd finished eating, discussing various illnesses and operations we'd all suffered to varying degrees. We're of 'a certain age' so such concerns inevitably come with it, unfortunately. But, in one way or another we're all survivors and fighters and, while we're able to make merry, make merry we will...

After leaving the pub we retired to our house where, amidst coffee and more wine, I proudly showed some of my guitar collection to John who took an interest in each instrument I brought down into the lounge from their upstairs storage. John had experienced popular success in the past with the song 'St Elmo's Fire' though not without a long legal battle with his ex-manager to get his financial due. He now lives in a beautiful, big house, with a purpose built studio equipped with expensive, high-end equipment and I have to admit I felt rather ashamed showing him the tiny space I record in here at home and the flakey condition of my recording gear. But, it's what I have and I try to make the best of it. Hopefully, the end results aren't too shoddy. We all must work within our means.

I gave John and Rick copies of my 'New Northern Dream', 'Songs For Ghosts' and 'Tripping The Light Fantastic' albums, hoping that they'd find something to their taste. I guess my style of music might seem a little odd or alien to them but hopefully there are one or two tracks that might connect.

Otherwise, an uneventful day with no real work done, though tonight I have managed to lay down a bass part on a new song I'm working on. Will attempt some guitar right after writing this journal entry.

I'll add a couple of images here, sort of related to yesterday's journal entry which mentioned an old Vox Transonic amplifier. These images are of me, way back in 1964 when I was in 'Group 66', (named after the song, 'Route 66.) They show me with my Vox AC 30 'Super Twin' amplifier, an amp which, if I still had it today, would be worth several thousand pounds. Well, that's the way the cookie crumbles...


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