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Falling way behind with these diary/journal entries, mainly because of intense work on the 'These Stars Are Fire' triple album but also due to the increasing difficulty I have in seeing the text of emails and internet posts.

It's such a time consuming thing having to type so carefully and peer at what I've written through a magnifying glass due to my dramatically deteriorated eyesight.

Reading anything is now a frustrating chore. I feel the world is gradually fading away from me, both in terms of literature, film and music, all due to my vision and hearing losses. Ironic when those things have been the cornerstone of my life for so long.

But, I have to accept and adapt to it, no matter how annoying it may seem. Whatever my creative life is, it has to go on, with a struggle if needed, but onward nevertheless.

I'll try to write more soon, try to provide some sort of 'catch-up' but not sure how quickly this might materialise...Lots to relate. Meanwhile, here are a couple of new flyers...


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