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Launch Party Looming!

Now things are becoming seriously hot. Less than a week away, the 'Songs For Ghosts' launch party looms large.

Spent much of today hauling more heavy flight cases and bits n' pieces downstairs ready to transport to guitar tech Andy's studio on Wednesday. Unbelievable that a one-man performance like this needs so much equipment!

Thursday will involve a gear check and a run through of a couple of tracks at Andy's place to make sure I know what foot switches do what on my pedal boards.

Then Friday is a 'choosing stage clothes' day. Always a nightmare.

Still have to pack the 15 guitars though, and drag them all downstairs too, but tomorrow Steve Cook, my personal hairdresser and sometime keyboardist, is coming over to cut my hair prior to the gig. (Which means not much preparation work will get done, I'm afraid.)

Gave a portable hard drive to Paul yesterday which contains the brand new videos I've created for the event.

I've previously posted that I'd finally settled on the 'guitar parade' set list...but I fear it may change slightly yet.

Finished more art for the merchandise stall, including a one-off porcelain plate that I've decorated to commemorate the event.

Also completed the decoration of my Danelectro guitar that I played on the 'Be Bop Deluxe And Beyond' tour of 2004. (This is the guitar I played on the song 'Panic In The World.') It looks rather nice, even if I do say so myself!

This guitar is up for sale at the event but, not inexpensive, (though very reasonable for something with this kind of provenance.) Whoever gets it will own a piece of personal history which may become more valuable over time.

So, onward and, hopefully, upward. The final preparations coming up now and then the big day itself. See you then!


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