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Working very hard on preparing items for the 'Songs For Ghosts' album launch at 'Clothworker's Hall,' Leeds. Video has been my main preoccupation these last few weeks...I need new videos to accompany various new backing tracks I've created...too many new backing tracks ... In fact...I'll need to spend a lot of time deciding which ones to include in the live solo performance at the event. It's all a whirlwind of possibilities at the moment and I have to admit to becoming confused by the wealth of material on offer. But time is flying and next month's event will soon be upon me and there's still so much I need to prepare. A meeting coming up this Sunday with event organiser Ian Haydock...lots of details to sort out between us to ensure everything goes to plan on the day. I say this every time one of these events happens but, it's perhaps not completely realised by those attending these things just how much work is involved in their planning. It should look effortless on the day but that's only because a lot of hard work and preparation has been done before. So, it's back to the studio for me and a continual process of refining both music and visuals for the event.


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