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A fairly uneventful time right now, despite the regular outrageous insanities from America and the laughable Trump so-called 'Presidency.' Only hope that these abberations don't become accepted as some sort of 'norm.' Crazy times for all of us, and entirely out of kilter with, what should be, a more hospitable and tolerant 21st Century.

Here at home, I continue to work on the album which looks like being titled 'Drive This Comet Across The Sky.' All going well at the moment.

Emi is out for the evening, attending her annual Flower Guild celebration dinner. So, I've been relegated to a Marks and Spencer 'ready meal.' A sudden reversal to the bachelor life. Ok, I suppose...

Medical stuff to sort out tomorrow, doctor's appoinments to make, medicines to order...boring but essential stuff to maintain my life and my music. And, (as I often say,) so it goes...

Elle and Elliot and Elliot's girlfriend Nicky were over here last night for dinner. A really lovely evening talking with them over the dinner table which went on until late. Always great to see and hear from them. All my 'kids', (though now adults,) bring so much love and joy into my life. The older I become, the more I value their input.

Another track almost completed for the 'DRIVE THIS COMET' album...some percussion to add tomorrow, then begin the mixing process. A couple of days from now should see it finished and added to the list of possibilities for a future release. It's gaining traction fast...


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