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Ings Road School - Sad Demolition

This photograph shows Ings Road School in Wakefield in the first stages of its demolition. (The site now occupied by a large retail park.) I was a pupil at Ings Road School in the late 1950s/early '60s. The central area of the building, (with the little bell tower on top,) was the school hall which had a stage at the back of it. It was on that stage that I gave my first performance as a guitarist at the school's Christmas concert when I was a pupil there. The blocks with windows extending out from the sides and front of the hall were the actual classrooms. On the left, by that white sign, is the girls entrance and cloakroom. The boys entrance is on the opposite side of the building, along with the boys cloakroom. Though boys and girls had separate entrances and cloakrooms, the classes were not segregated by gender. At the back, to the left of the tall chimney, you can see the gymnasium block, which was built in the 'sixties. Prior to that, physical training, (P.T) was done in the central hall. I disliked PT intensely, and even more so when they built the gym. But, whilst I was not a favourite pupil of the PT teachers, I got on well with the English, Art, Music, and Science teachers. Woodwork too, where I tried to build my own electric guitar. The music teacher was a Miss Kirkham who encouraged me to bring my guitar to school to play for the music class. The Art teacher was a Miss Cooper who thought I should go to Art School and arranged for me to take the required examination. Mr Smithson was the English master who was also a fan of jazz. He lent me some of his albums including one by Django Reinhardt, which was my first exposure to the legendary guitarist. He also ran a school photography club of which I was a member. (Once won a little trophy/shield from the club which I was rather proud of.) The other photo is of myself when I was a pupil there, not long before leaving for art college.

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Hiya Young Man Happy days indeed or at least 2 years were in my case. We spent 2 years together before I bogged off and went to Thornes House Grammar School where I had a great time but did very little studying. I see you have done pretty well, always thought you would. I have educated my children about Be Bop Delux so you are pretty famous in the Gelder household. Keep up the good work. Regards Phil

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