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Had my head down for the last few days, working intensely in my studio, helped, initially, by the bad weather keeping me indoors. But now the snow has vanished and the temperature risen to a more comfortable level so yesterday and today have allowed me to venture out into the world for a much needed walkabout to lower my blood-glucose levels. (Moderate exercise helps this.)

I'm currently working towards recording a selection of new backing tracks for my performance at December's 'PLECTRONICA' event. The two titles completed so far are 'The Eye Of Heaven Shines' and 'A Long Time Ago.'

Both feature found voice samples. I've also made mixes of each with overdubbed guitars for use on an album I'm planning to release as a celebration of my 70th Birthday in December, (for which 'PLECTRONICA' is being staged.) Also have another track 'in the oven' which I'll further work on tonight.

Tomorrow I have a short interview to do for Mojo magazine. A modest feature about work in progress. Then on Thursday, Martin Bostock, ace snapper, is coming over to photograph me in the studio for the same magazine piece.

I am also being interviewed for a school project organised by a teacher who lives locally. Then on Monday I'm heading over to Fairview studio to transfer all the tracks for 'Drive This Comet Across The Sky' and 'Dynamos And Tremolos' ready for John Spence to master. These will be the next two album releases, though there are several more still awaiting their turn.

Emi is out this evening, attending her monthly Flower Guild meeting, so I'm 'cooking' my own dinner. I say that in inverted commas because all I'm doing is sticking a bought basic ready meal in the oven. I guess I'll need to try harder when Emi goes away to Tokyo for ten days next month as there simply aren't enough ready meals available with the required low sugar and carb levels to take care of my diabetic requirements. I've become so used to Emi taking care of that side of things, it will be a shock to have to deal with it on my own.

And now I must go downstairs and turn the oven on....


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