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A cold day. Minus 2 Centigrade this morning. Emi picked up my insulin supply, needles and Statins from the pharmacy on her way back home from her Monday morning Pilates class, so I'm all set for a little while longer.

Government having a cabinet re-shuffle, but nothing too dramatic so far. The foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, seems to have retained his job, despite his many buffoon-like gaffs, as has David Davies, the man in charge of our divorce from the European Union. So, the foolishness of 'Brexit' continues. I'm afraid that people who voted for it simply did not know the negative repercussions that would arise, more's the pity. They'll find out in time no doubt, (if they haven't already woken up to the consequences.)

So many political intrigues around the world, particularly from America. That once great country is now cursed with the worst presidency in its history, (or at least, since Nixon.) What's going on over there beggars belief...An asinine, ignorant and impetuously dangerous fool in charge of the White House. The sooner this idiot's deposed the better we all will be.

Spent most of today taking down the Christmas tree and the last of the interior lights and other decorations, a job that kept me house bound all day. Not like me to miss my few hours walking in town, but it needed doing and the cold weather helped to keep me at it.

I'm supposed to be writing a description of my next album release, 'That Old Mysterioso' for my website's release page, but haven't got around to it yet. Will try to do it soon, if not tonight then sometime tomorrow. It's one of my better albums I think. (Hope that doesn't sound too boastful, like Trump decaring himself a genius on Twitter!) ;-)

Had a brief conversation, (via Facebook,) with a man who used to manage a Wakefield group called 'The Fontanas', way back in the early 1960s. The lead guitarist was Johnny Welsby, who I briefly knew back then when I was in the early stages of learning to play the guitar. Johnny was a little bit older than I and used to tell me he was 'the fastest guitarist in Wakefield', which, I suppose was disputable and somewhat silly but, as an impressionable early teen I was duly impressed, (despite the fact that I'd never heard him play.) My dad, on the other hand, had the opinion that Johnny was just a 'big head.' Dad was always one for telling it how it was.

Anyway, in the photograph that the person on Facebook posted of 'The Fontanas', Johnny Welsby seems to be using an extremely rare Vox Transonic amplifier. This amazed me as I have always understood that these amps were never produced in a marketable form but were purely 'one-offs' made for an early 'sixties band called 'Peter Jay And The Jaywalkers.' That Johnny had got his hands on one of these rare beasts back then is astonishing.

So, to end this journal entry, I'm going to let readers see a photograph of The Fontanas with Johnny stood in front of his amp, (partly obscured in the photo',) and another photo' of Peter Jay And The Jaywalkers with the Vox Transonic amp in clearer view. Should be interesting to guitarists of a certainn age.


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