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Feeling very rough right now. This awful cold has got a strong grip on me and I've been feeling lethargic and down all day. Haven't ventured out of the house at all but have managed to make a couple more drawings/artwork for the 'Plectronica' event. A struggle though as my eyesight is gradually worsening.

Have to travel to Fairview studio tomorrow though. It's the only date available to master the backing tracks for 'Plectronica.' Time is running out and there's still so much to prepare. Must get these 14 tracks mastered and burned to disc in preparation for the event.

Lots of first World War armistice commemorations on tv today. What a tragic and sad loss of life that was for millions of people...the stupidity and madness of conflict when civilisation breaks down and favours despots and dictatorships instead of compassion and cooperation.

Watched French President Macron give a very fine and pertinent speech in Paris which I thought was right on the button, decrying nationalism and urging more global unity. Quite the opposite of the dangerous and twisted ideology the current, so-called 'President' of the USA spews in his humorously illiterate but shockingly intolerant speeches.

What has the world come to when so-called 'world leaders' succumb to the politics of division and fear to motivate and manipulate those who possess no informed opinion of what really is needed to make things better.

I sometimes feel like giving up on it all and letting it take its sorry course, (and I expect many, many other people do too, turning away from it all with either indifference or dismay.) But that is no solution and leads to the kind of complacency that allowed Fascism to blight the world in the 1930s.

It's a cliche of sorts but nonetheless true...'Those who aren't aware of history are condemned to repeat it'...

Maybe I'm feeling a little low and depressed. I, like so many others right now, could do with a little more positivism.


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