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Four days after the 'Ghosts' launch.

My first direct journal entry to the new Dreamsville website. Still getting to grips with understanding how it all works but will, no doubt, get used to it in time. Lots of possibilities, including sharing the journal with social media sites such as my Facebook page, (and vice-versa.)

It's nice to be able to put images, (and even video, I think,) direct to the journal. On the old site we used to title these things 'diary entries' but have now given them the title of 'journals;' which covers the same sort of thing and, perhaps, a bit more besides. I'm now able to post these entries quickly and directly myself without having to wait for them to be uploaded to the old SOS server.

Anyway, latest news: I've finally managed to get all my equipment unpacked and stored away in various nooks and crannies in the house. Took me three days, carrying a bit upstairs at a time. I had 15 different guitars at the launch party concert...perhaps a bit excessive but lots of fun and visually entertaining for the audience.

The event seemed to be enthusiastically received by fans, despite me having misgivings about elements of the performance. Minor issues, I suppose, (which I've detailed on the Dreamsville forum,) but I'm always terribly nervous about performing live and it only takes a small 'hiccup' to throw me off my balance.

You'd think that, after all these years performing I'd be super-confident and relaxed but, truth is, the older I get, the more paranoid about performing I become. Maybe it's because the more you know the more you realise you don't know.

Youth has a blindness to failings and that adds a certain ability to just bash on through regardless. These days I'm hyper conscious of every possible mistake or equipment malfunction. It sometimes makes playing live a bumpy ride for me...but, what the hell, it's what it is, one way or another.

Now I'm in the position to consider my next album release. A dozen or so albums lined up awaiting a decision. Which should come next? They all require mastering at Fairview Studio with engineer John Spence, and all require the creation of packaging artwork. But they're all mixed and finished apart from the previously mentioned requirements.

I'm thinking of choosing 'That Old Mysterioso' for the next release, only because we have a super cover photo' of myself taken by Martin Bostock who will also be dealing with the layout and typography for me.

But I also have around 18 tracks left over from the 'Songs For Ghosts' project, which I'm thinking of using for a future album titled 'Lovely Apparitions.' I may select the best tracks for this project, or decide to add a few more and make it a double album, (or make it into two separate albums.) Truth is, I'm itching to crank up the studio again after the last few weeks of devoting myself to preparations for the 'Songs For Ghosts'; launch party. Anyway, we'll see. (But I may just start pushing the old record button for an hour or two tonight, just to see what might happen.)

Well, that's about all I need to say for today. I'm going to try adding an image to this journal entry to see if everything works ok. If it does, you will be not only hearing more from me here in future, but seeing more too. Sometimes, technology aides creativity. Let's hope it does in my case! ;-)


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