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Depressing day. Emi has lost her handbag. It contained her phone, wallet with cash, credit cards and, (more precious to her than those items,) her Filofax notebook with years of contact addresses for her friends, both here and in Japan, and lists of people's birthdays and other important details.

She had placed the handbag in the boot of her Renault Modus car after a walk around the Designer Centre outside of town. On the way home we stopped off at the village Co-op for some supplies, and I think that the handbag may have fallen out of the boot of the car in the darkness when it was opened to put the supplies in.

As soon as we reached home, we realised it was missing and rushed back into the village to see if it was laying on the road where we'd previously parked...but no sign of it at all. We asked if anything had been handed in at the Co-op but they said no-one had handed anything in.

Then we drove back to the Designer Centre on the off-chance that it might have fallen from the car in the car park there...again, after contacting the lost luggage department, no luck at all. Drove back to our village again and did yet another search of the main street...revealing nothing.

Back at home I contacted the bank and credit card people to report the missing cards. This wasn't easy...took a while to actually navigate through the endless, infuriating automated responses to speak to a real human being. After various checks and verifications I finally got the debit card cancelled and a replacement ordered.

Then on to the credit card company and the same hoops to jump through before the credit card could also be cancelled. My calls to Emi's missing mobile were just met with answerphone routines...whoever had picked up her handbag wasn't about to answer my calls. So I then got in touch with the mobile phone provider to block her phone in case whoever had it might try to run up calls at her expense.

All of this convoluted process took ages but at least we've managed to, hopefully, stop abuse of her cards and phone, wherever it is or whoever has it.

So Emi is feeling depressed and I'm depressed for her too. She said it feels like she has had a leg cut off.

On a slightly more positive note, the video for 'The Boy Who Lived In The Future' has been uploaded to the 'Essoldo Cinema' on my website. Made for the concert I gave in support of the Wakefield Unity Hall restoration fund a few years ago, it shows certain scenes around Wakefield. And the music makes a nice accompaniment to it. Tomorrow a meeting with Mark Powell of Esoteric/Cherry Red records to discuss their plans for the re-issue of the old Be Bop Deluxe recordings.


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