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Weird and slightly disturbing dreams last night. Strange places that were supposed to be familiar but weren't. A town that resembled my own but, at the same time, didn't. A meeting with a friend from art college called Roger Hitchen, (who I haven't actually seen since the 1960s,) outside a shop in this dream town in the pouring rain.

A sudden realisation that I'd left my shoulder bag in the car, (in the car park,) with my money and credit cards in it, followed by a mad dash back to retrieve it....but when I got there, the car was gone, possibly stolen. Reported it to the car park attendant who had to fill in endless forms to file the missing car to the police. Then the dilemma of how to get home with no money or transport, and the absurd realisation that Django, (our wonderful cat,) was with us, and how were we to get him back too? Woke up feeling uneasy...

Meanwhile, back on this side of Dreamland, a very cold day here: Minus one on the dial and quite strong snow flurries for a while which made the roads dicey. We ventured out tentatively to buy logs for the fire. All turned to rain and slush later though.

A conversation on the 'phone with Martin Bostock who has been working on the layout of the packaging for 'The Unrealist' album, which I'm hoping to make available as a digital download sometime in February.

The package artwork is now complete and ready to upload. Those who eventually download the album will be able to also download its artwork too, and, if they wish, burn a disc of the audio and print the artwork to assemble a CD.

The download route, whilst not my personally preferred delivery medium, works very well for some fans, and for me in that the number of albums I have waiting for release makes physically manufacturing every album totally impractical.. So, I have to decide whether each new album should be physical CD or a digital download, according to a combination of whim and pragmatism.

Whilst on the subject of new albums, I had the inspiration today for another project, one which, at this stage, is only a vague glimmer of an idea and may never see the light of day. But, it could turn out to be something I could carry forward. Or not.

The idea is to make one of my more 'orchestrally textured' albums combined with spacy, semi-retro electronica. Part serious, part kitsch, clearly one of my occasional attempts to blur the boundaries between what some people would consider 'high' and 'low' art.

The title and concept is 'KOSMOROTICA,' an album of sensual, sexy instrumentals with mildly provocative titles that could be used to accompany 'passionate and intimate moments.' Or at least lull you to sleep afterwards...

Well, maybe it will remain a vague idea and never be realised...but you never know...Stranger things have happened...

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Now I have to keep reading to see if this was ever release.

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