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The Cubase software download problem has been solved. The problem was that, although the software downloaded into my new computer, it would not 'unlock.' To unlock it you have to put in the required code number that came with the software package, to register it, which Paul did after he had downloaded the software.

However, a message then came on the screen saying that the software was already registered to someone else so could not be unlocked!

I'd bought the software from Gear4Music and, of course, a brand new product could not have been registered to someone else. The only way that could happen was if the software had been sold to another person who had then returned the software to Gear4Music as 'not what they wanted' and then Gear4Music had re-sold the software to me. This seems like the only explanation, but the original purchaser must have downloaded the software into his own computer, entered the code to register it, then returned the box and dongle to Gear4Music claiming it wasn't what he wanted. Then Gear4Music re-sold it to me as an unopened, brand new product, perhaps not realising that the previous buyer had already registered the software as his property. All very naughty to say the least.

Anyway, Paul made calls to Steinberg, who manufacture Cubase, and they agreed that the software had probably been sold previously, registered, and then returned to Gear4Music. So Steinberg generated a new code so that Paul was able to register and unlock the product. Problem solved but not without a fair amount of head scratching, time and trouble.

Paul is away this weekend so I won't get the computer back until this coming week but then I need to begin the process of dismantling my existing studio system so that the new gear can be installed. I'm up against the clock with this as John Spence, who is going to help me with the change over, has a limited time, (due to his own work commitments,) to be able to assist me.

As I'm still in the process of getting the 'Old Haunts' album track sequencing in place, I can't start dismantling the studio until that task is completed. And as Fairview studios DAT machine is no longer safe to put DAT tapes into, I have to compile the album from my DAT tapes to CDR to take to Fairview for mastering. Sometimes technology puts more obstacles in one's path than one needs.


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