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Updated: Jul 11, 2018

The very warm weather continues and a kind of lethargy sets in. Working in my studio during the day can be uncomfortably hot with the combination of sun through the skylight and ambient heat generated by the electrical equipment. I usually try and deal with emails and website duties in the morning and leave the recording of new music until around 6pm when I work through to 10 or 11 pm with a short break for dinner and the second of my daily calls to my mother to check that she's ok.

During the afternoons I try to get out and walk, either around town of drive out to Harrogate, Knaresborough or Leeds for a stroll around the shops. It's a fairly unchanging routine but helps keep my blood sugar levels under control. Having said that, my blood test before lunch yesterday revealed a 13.3 high, which I haven't had since being first diagnosed with diabetes. There was no reason I could fathom why the level had shot up so high. Before breakfast it was only 5.1, which is good. I ate exactly the same breakfast as always, so there was no intake of 'wrong' food to bring into account. Nevertheless, in the space of a few hours the sugar levels had risen to 13.3, which is definitely not good. Perhaps my morning insulin injection didn't 'take' or something. The doctor at the diabetes clinic had told me that I should avoid my levels getting into double figures, so yesterday's lunchtime reading was a bit worrying. However, when I did my pre-dinner blood test in the evening, the level had come down to 5.7, so I could breathe easy again.

Took Django back to the vet yesterday for another antibiotic injection. The vet squeezed some infected pus out of the wound on the top of his head and checked his temperature. It had come back down to normal so he just needed the antibiotic shot and not the anti-inflammatory injection that he'd been given on Saturday. We have to take him back again on Thursday morning for a check up and a possible third injection. Poor Django, there's a patch of missing fur on the top of his head that reveals the wound. He looks a sorry sight but seems to be reasonably ok otherwise.

I'm having a re-think about the title of the triple album planned for release to coincide with my 70th birthday celebration event. I've decided to give each of the three discs its own individual title and will title the whole package 'AUDITORIA.' Disc 1 will have the title 'These Stars Are Fire' and I'll come up with suitable titles for discs 2 and 3.

Work is still in progress with recording tracks for the album. I'll be mixing another new track tonight titled 'Who's That Floating Above The Trees?'

And now it's time for my pre-lunch blood test so I must go downstairs and prime the finger-pricker. Let's hope the levels are more favourable today.


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