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A fairly uneventful day...received a couple of nice 'phone calls from Ian Haydock with regard to the initial setting up of a special event to celebrate my 70th birthday later this year, (which may well be my final live performance.)

At the moment it looks like it will be held at the Clothworker's Hall in Leeds....a venue which has a good sound system and great sight lines for the audience. I've been given a potential, penciled-in, date for this, but I'm not allowed to reveal it at this point in time. Though maybe later!

There are other things to be confirmed yet, such as the availability of technicians and musicians, (whoops, I think I may have given something away there) and so on and so forth. It involves complex planning which those who attend may, or may not, even realise has taken place, such is the seamlessness and professionalism of these things when they happen.

The format and title of the event has still to be worked out, but the venue has required us to book the hall early to avoid problems later. So, all being well, and if my enthusiasm and health holds up, it will all come together with a suitably exciting concept, in time to mark what will be my 70th year on this planet and, amazingly, my 60th year since attempting to first play the guitar...(and believe me, I'm still attempting to figure out how to play it!)

Emi and I drove to Harrogate to buy some fish for our freezer from 'Ramus,' our favourite seafood supplier. Was astonished to see snow on the ground and on pavements in Harrogate. We've had nothing here in York, only a few miles away, but it seems that Harrogate had experienced a fair old snowfall overnight.

Went for a drink at Harrogate's 'Crown' hotel after shopping, (the site of a previous 'Nelsonica' event as it happens,) and then got stuck in horrendous rush hour traffic on the drive back home. Listened to the BBC News on the car radio, but nothing good to hear on there, I'm afraid.

Now working on a final mix of a song titled 'Drifting Through Your Imagination.' This is the third mix of this's proving tricky, compounded with the ongoing strangeness of my mixing desk problems....unpredictable automated fader movements, and so's a frustrating process. But I refuse to cave in to it...onward and ever upward


Signing off for tonight with a couple more 'Drive This Comet Across The Sky' flyers/posters...


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