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What an absolutely depressing, frustrating, ridiculous waste of time today has been. Don't know where to start with the litany of problems that have been encountered in my attempted studio refurbishment.

After all the trouble John and I have previously encountered in trying to get my new recording system installed and operating, I thought that the purchase of a Focusrite audio interface to use in place of the Zoom unit would solve all our problems once and for all, but not so...

Don't quite know where to start to explain the seemingly unanswerable obstacles we've encountered today. I'll just say that we're absolutely stuck in terms of making the whole system work smoothly.

At this point in time, I'm genuinely wishing that I'd never embarked on this complicated task. John and I both thought that we'd have everything up and running without any more malfunctions by the end of today, but that clearly was wishful thinking. And now the entire computer system seems to be freezing or crashing and acting crazy. I'm trying to stay calm but bottling up anger and frustration.

So, technology is supposed to improve things? That may well be the case, if seeing hundreds of people walking the streets with their snouts stuck into their mobile phone screens is classed as an 'improvement.'

But, so far, at least or me, I much prefer recording my music with the simple press of a record button and then a playback one, with as little technological switching, selecting, assigning, copying and pasting and general fannying about as possible.

John is very busy with other projects over the next few days so it will be a while before he can return to Studio Collapso to see if any progress can be made.

Thank goodness I have at least 10 albums awaiting mastering and artwork, all recorded on my old Mackie hardware equipped system. It might not have been perfect and certainly had less bells and whistles than the new Cubase system, but at least it got the job done.

Damn and double damn...


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