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CD Stock STILL Available

Have been taking stock of my CD albums to see which ones are still

available from my Dreamsville site's mail order facility. I have found several that are in fairly low numbers and destined to become unobtainable. So, as many of my fans may have missed some of these, I'm going to put together a few flyers to post here to alert you to some of my personal favourites. This first one is for an album called 'FANTASMATRON' which was released in 2011. It's a quirky vocal album containing 14 tracks. Available as a mail order CD only from my website.

And another advert variation...

And here is another, still available, album from the sale section of my Dreamsville Store. One of my personal favourites, something I'm really proud of. It's a lovely pastoral instrumental album, (with one vocal track,) and on sale at just £5.

Here's another £5 bargain CD available from the Dreamsville Department Store. This is a flyer for 'Modern Moods For Mighty Atoms.' (Not the actual cover.)


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