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Haven't found time to write a journal entry for over a week...busy, busy, busy.

One major task completed was to copy all the tracks for the 'Drive This Comet Across The Sky' and 'Dynamos And Tremolos' albums to Fairview's mastering computer for my buddy John Spence to master, ready for manufacture.

However, on hearing the 16 tracks that I'd sequenced for 'Drive This Comet Across The Sky' playing back on Fairview's speakers I had some doubts about the sheer number of songs on it. I asked John to hold fire on assembling the actual master until I'd had another think about the album's content.

Back at home, I listened through again and removed four of the 16 tracks, reducing the album's length to 12 tracks. It suddenly felt more concise. I removed one vocal track and three instrumentals. The album is now completely vocal-based apart from just one instrumental.

So, what to do with the four tracks left over? Well, I've decided to release the vocal track and one of the instrumentals as a free single on my website in the near future. The other two tracks, both instrumentals, I've put aside for an album I'm currently working on, (as yet untitled.) This album will be one of the releases timed to go with my 70th birthday party event in December.

I'm also working on several new backing tracks to possibly include at that same event. Struggling a little with my ongoing finger problem but managing to get the work done.

And whilst on the subject of dodgy digits, I cut my left hand thumb open two days ago whilst slicing some bread. A careless mistake that produced a nasty wound. It's currently bandaged up and very sore.

One positive piece of news: I've bought myself a new bass guitar. It will be delivered on Monday. I've played the bass parts on my recordings from a keyboard for several years now and I thought it might be good to switch to bass guitar for a while. My old bass is an inexpensive 'Eros' semi-acoustic which I bought in the 1970s, but I think a new, shiny bass guitar might inspire me to lay down something different from the keyboard produced bass parts of recent years. So...I'm awaiting my new Yamaha bass with a certain amount of excitement!

All for tonight. More later...


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