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Spent much of the day exchanging emails with Warner Bros records, trying to acertain who owns the Red Noise album. After some exchanges and copies of old '70s contracts being sent to me, it seems that Warners own the album for the UK and rest of the world, (though not for the USA and Canada.) I was hoping to have the right to re-release the album here but it seems that the way the original deal was set up by ex-Be Bop Deluxe management at the time cut me out of the equation. Yet another example of the kind of underhand dealings that went on back then, (and sometimes, still do now.) The situation is ongoing though and I may yet have the right to certain recordings that were not part of the original album agreement. We'll see...

Meanwhile, not much else to report other than a few hours spent preparing more potential images for my next two releases. Some nice work done in that department. I really have to now make some final decisions as to what goes where and which ones work best. I'll try to finalise some of this tomorrow.

Also today made more flyers for upcoming albums and the 70th birthday concert event that the Nelsonica team and myself are planning for later this year. We have a pencilled in date for the 1st of December at The Clothworker's Hall and there's a good possibility that 'Orchestra Futura' might re-assemble for the event too. Fingers crossed...


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