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Back from the medical...

Just got home from my annual medical check. The diabetes nurse looked at the blood test results and my blood-sugar levels are pretty good, thanks to the twice a day Insulin injections I'm taking. She also suggested changing the injections from being in my stomach to being in my thighs from time to time to give my stomach a break from the needles which, over time, can cause a hardness in the flesh. I've not injected into my thighs before and I'm a bit wary of that because there's much more muscle there than in the softer area of my belly, but I'll give it a go and see if it's any more or less painful.

One worry is that my blood pressure was too high. The nurse was concerned about it and has asked me to do a blood pressure check at home, twice a day for a week, and to fill in a record sheet of the readings. (I have a blood pressure monitor at home which I haven't used for ages.) After a week of monitoring I have to bring the record sheet back to the GP and if it's still very high I'll need some medication to reduce it.

Made a start on the assembly of the new instrumental album last night. I'm about a third of the way through it and I have to admit it's sounding very good. I'm quite excited by it to tell the truth.

I'd originally intended to call this one 'Lovely Apparaitions,' then possibly 'Wonder Street' but now I'm considering giving it a different title all together. Once I've completed the draft assembly, I'll see how it feels and look at various title possibilities to see what might suit it best. If I get the running order sorted in time, I might take it along to Fairview next week to have it mastered alongside the 'That Old Mysterioso' album. (In which case it could see a release date of fairly early in the new year.,)

Meanwhile, here's an old flyer I put together some time ago for an album I intended to call 'Guitar Stories' but never got around to recording. Hmmm...maybe that title is another possibility...


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