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Here's another photograph taken by Martin Bostock at the 'Songs For Ghosts' launch party, this time with the 'Les Trem' version of the Astroluxe Cadet which I played during the concert part of the event. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the Duesenberg Les Trem worked. Very smooth action and a good return to pitch.

Although the two guitars are identical, apart from the different trem systems, they each have their own sound. I put this down to the different string tensions due to the string length on the Les Trem being slightly shorter than on the Bigsby version, but also, perhaps, to the Bigsby having a bigger area of metal connectring with the top of the guitar. It's a subtle difference but makes for an interesting variation in the sound. Both are great sounding guitars though and it's nice to be able to have that variation in tone.

One thing I forgot to mention in my earlier post today is that the mastering session at Fairview has been brought forward from Friday to Thursday. I'll need to sort out the correct DAT tapes and print out running orders and cue locations for all the correct tracks and mixes ready to assemble into the two albums I'm hoping to get transferred to Fairview's computer. The first album to tackle will be 'That Old Mysterioso,' but I'm hoiping to also transfer the tracks for 'The Unrealist.' (Yes, I've settled on that title now, and that is what it will be called.) A lot of music to transfer!


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