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Only today got around to choosing some of Martin Bostock's photo's from the 'Songs For Ghosts' album launch event. As usual, Martin's pics are all great and technically excellent but, unfortunately, the person in them, (i.e.: me,) isn't. I'm appalled by how tired, lined and frankly, unwell I look in them. So, the process of choosing some that I can use has been even more painful than usual. Sheer vanity, to some extent, but there you go. The person inside my head looks nothing like the reality.

Anyway, I've sent Martin a list of the ones I can bear so some may appear in the website's forum before too long.

For now, here's one of the pics of me with the 'Astroluxe Cadet' guitar, Bigsby Trem Version. I also have the Les Trem version and I'll post that photo' later. Right now, I'm going into a corner to sulk with a bag on my head...


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