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Hauled some flight cases out of the shed in the garden today. They're now taking up space in the dining room. Two heavy ones filled with cables required for the live set up at 'Plectronica,' one VERY heavy one containing my synth guitar unit and power supply, and one MASSIVE, but at the moment empty one, which I'll need to load my triple tier pedal board into. A start, at least. Much more gear to pack though, not least the guitars.

Still haven't been able to actually allocate guitars to the individual tracks, though I have decided on my Gus G1 midi guitar for 'Golden Dream Of Circus Horses,' a number I'll be playing in tandem with Theo Travis on the day. That leaves lots of guitars still to decide on for the other 13 pieces...

I've also taken photographs of the artwork that I'll be offering for sale at the event. Some of these photo's I'll attach to this journal entry, with more pics to follow later.

I've also added an extra drawing to the guitar that will help raise money for Sara's Hope Foundation. This new drawing is on the back of the guitar. (I've already made drawings on the front of it.) I'm now given to understand that the guitar will be raffled, rather than auctioned as I'd originally stated, which gives more people chance to win it, rather than just the well heeled.

Still not completely rid of this debilitating cold though. Wish I could summon up a bit more energy.

Tomorrow I've got an appointment at the hospital for yet another stressful eye injection. As always, I'm dreading it. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make any further progress with the event preparations until the side effects of the injection wear off, which will be 24 hours later.

And that's all for now.

This is the drawing I've made on the rear of the Eastwood Classic 6 guitar which was kindly donated by Mike Robinson of Eastwood Guitars to raise money for the Sara's Hope Foundation Charity.

A selection of the artwork I've created for the 'Plectronica' merchandise stall.

One of the ceramic plates I've decorated as a souvenir of 'Plectronica.'

The other plate I've decorated for sale at 'Plectronica.'

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Terry Bennett
Terry Bennett
20 нояб. 2018 г.

Thanks so much for including the photos of the artwork. It's greatly appreciated and all looks wonderful.

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