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Today saw the reissue of one of my favourite albums, an album which has been out of print for some time now. 'Quiet Bells' is a gentle and beautiful album of dreamy guitar instrumentals, a delicate and poetic listen to chill out with after a busy, stressful day. It's part of the ongoing reissue series of out of print recordings from the last 15 years or so.

Had conversations this morning about the packaging for the 'AUDITORIA' triple album. After some debate it has been decided to now package the three discs in individual digipacks, one for each disc, and then sit the three digipacks inside a nice slipcase to keep them all together. I think this will provide an elegant packaging solution for the album.

Still working on the graphics for this project, taking a simple, classy, minimalistic route that will hopefully unify the whole three disc set. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Need to try and work on more potential backing tracks for the 'Plectronica' event, especially for the 'Orchestra Futura' set. Also have videos still in progress to project behind the live performance. We had a confirmation that my guitar tech Andy Newlove will be available to take care of my equipment and guitars on the day, which is one thing less to worry about. Andy is familiar with my set-up, (which is far from orthodox,) and will, as usual, provide me with much appreciated and valued support.

More of concern is the very likely possibility that John Spence won't be available to mix the live sound due to a knee operation which looks like it may well coincide with the event. If John can't do it, we will try to get Ian Thorpe in the driving seat. Ian did the live mix for the 'Be Bop Deluxe And Beyond' tour that I undertook in 2004. He's also mixed the sound at some of the 'Nelsonica' events in the past. But, failing that, I'm not sure what we will's a bit of a worry, I must admit.

Got my Eastwood 'Doral' guitar out from the store room last night. It's a model which Eastwood have discontinued but it sounds really nice and I'm going to use it on one of the new backing tracks I intend to record for 'Plectronica.'

When I was a youngster, I became infatuated with guitars and every Saturday would travel from Wakefield to Leeds on the train with my school chum Ian Parkin to gaze in awe at the guitars in 'Kitchens' music shop window. I dreamed of owning some of those guitars. By some strange magic, now I do and I still can't quite believe my luck!

Now it's time for my blood sugar levels test and insulin injection so I'll end here.


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