Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Once again, not long back from visiting my mother at the intermediary rehabilitation centre in Wakefield. It's upsetting to see her so demoralised and depressed by her ongoing situation, although we do our best to keep her spirits up. Sadly, she's not making sufficient progress in terms of her mobility and is feeling low because of it.

Mum's due to be allowed to go home soon, but I'm very worried by the fact that she hasn't really advanced enough to be able to exist safely at home on her own, even with the care support that will need to be put in place to support her.

Her mental faculties have certainly improved and she exhibits less of the confusion and delirium that was evident whilst she was in hospital these last two and a half months.

But at 91 years old, I expect it's too much to hope that she might regain the quality of life she enjoyed before her recent illness set in. Nevertheless, I live in hope that things might improve a little bit more before she has to face life without wall-to-wall 24/7 care. This stuff is hard to deal with and a real challenge, especially for a 71 year old such as myself with serious health issues of my own. All we can do is try...

Here at home, it's been hard to sort out all our usual Christmas duties, though we've done our best. My son Elliot travelled with Emi and I to visit my mum at the rehab centre in Wakefield on Boxing Day.

Whilst there, I took Elliot to see the house at 28 Conistone Crescent on Eastmoor Estate where I grew up from the age of three years old in the 1950s.. The house still exists although the Estate is somewhat worse for wear after all these years. Still, my memories of my 1950s childhood on Conistone Crescent are full of warmth and happiness, especially at Christmas time when my parents made the day magical.

After we got back to York, Elliot stayed for dinner, which gave us an opportunity to chin-wag and reflect on life's peculiarities and madness.

My daughter Elle has moved to Rye and so couldn't make it to York for Christmas and, of course, my eldest daughter Julia and Grandson Luke live in London, so, Elliot was my only direct contact with my much loved offspring.

Elliot is a very talented musician and his work always surprises and makes me think. He could enjoy a career as a composer of film music if only he wasn't so 'purist.' (Composing for film requires the ability to compromise and take other people's ideas on board.) I guess, though, that some people could level the exact same criticism at me. I'm a 'take it or leave it' kind of musician.

All my children are incredibly creative: My daughter Elle is both a songwriter and an imaginative artist and my eldest daughter Julia works as a caster of sculptures. My Grandson is studying Architecture at Universi