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Weather suddenly deteriorated. Much colder today and raining almost non-stop. Felt more like the middle of autumn rather than late August.

But, as always, time seems to move faster than light or thought and the year is already speeding towards its conclusion...and carrying us all with it towards our dim, unknown destination as we feverishly try to achieve something to cement our time here in the manifest world.

Not always welcome thoughts, these. We generally prefer to pass over them quickly, to not dwell on the implications of our condition, our being. Nevertheless, being and not being is the axis on which we revolve. Enough of that...

Mum's 90th birthday party went well, though I could have kicked myself for not photographing the event. I'd taken a camera over to Wakefield with the exact intention of recording the evening in some way, but, in the scramble to get everyone seated and comfortable, left the camera in the car. Too nervous with such a large number of family I guess, or maybe just a senior moment. Too late now. I'm never completely relaxed in these situations and social events with more than one or two people always present me with a challenge. I'm afraid I'm a shy, hopeless loner sometimes, despite appearances to the opposite.

Read an article about Marianne Faithful in the latest issue of Mojo magazine. She's working on a new album with the help of several other artists, though she's hampered by the curses of health that afflict our generation. Seems she's suffering from the pains of arthritis, which I can totally empathise with, having it in both my hands. She also is missing old friends and contemporaries who have passed away.

I know that sad feeling too. I'm at an age where mortality is no longer an impossible notion in the mind of a callow youth, a young man who erroneously thinks eternity stretches out infinitely in front of him. Now, for those of us of a certain generation and a certain age, life is something that stretches out infinitely behind us. We're constantly unravelling, like an old pullover that has been worn and washed too many times.

On a more positive note, I'm trying to decide which way to jump with the next album release. I'd like to get one more out there before the major event of the triple 'AUDITORIA' album in December. There are still a dozen albums queuing up for release from my archives and it's frustrating to see them sitting there unheard.

I need to choose just one to take to Fairview for John Spence to master, then put some artwork together with the help of Martin Bostock. I'm torn between 'Magnetic Travels,' 'Studio Cadet' and 'Elektra' at the moment. Will need to decide very soon if it is to hit the release window. I think maybe this next one will be a digital download only though. It will take too long to manufacture as a CD.

The house's heating is on now. First time since the start of summer. Django finally went out when the rain slowed to a faint drizzle. He's been stuck in the house all day, and not very happy about it. Poor Django. He and I have a very special relationship, a spiritual bond of sorts. We understand and empathise with each other. He's a wonderful creature and a close companion.


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