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An uneventful day, apart with a frustrating email problem, due to some fault at BT's server I suspect. All working ok now though.

Got an email from Pete Prown, the journalist who writes for the American 'Vintage Guitar' magazine, to say that he received by emailed answers to his interview questions. Quite a nice little interview I think and hopefully of interest to other musicians. Not sure when it will be published but will flag it up on my website once I have been informed.

Emi has been busy preparing things for tomorrow's Japanese New Year lunch party she's throwing for her friends. The house will be filled with chuckling Japanese girls from midday on, so I'll either retreat here to my studio to do some more recording or have a wander around town. Weather predicted to deteriorate this weekend though.

Noticed, on our drive back from town this evening, that a lot of the Christmas trees in house windows have disappeared . Tomorrow, (6th,) is supposed to be the day to finally take down your Christmas decorations but, due to Emi's party plans, plus our re-arranged vist to my mother on Sunday, it looks like Monday will be the first time we'll have time to dismantle everything. The tree takes a great deal of time to set up and to take down, so many delicate glass baubles and lights. Then there are the various lights and garlands throughout the house, plus three sets of different lights decorating the front and rear gardens. It took me three days to put it all up, but the taking down is always a chore. The house almost looks naked afterwards. I wonder if, at 70 years old this year, we should scale back a bit on the Christmas sparkles...but I had such lovely Christmases as a young boy that it's hard to let go of those memories and trimming up the house has always been a must for me in my adult life.

Dropped off a repeat prescription request at the doctor's this afternoon. I'm almost out of insulin and needles for my daily injections, plus my Statin tablets are down to the last two or three. What with the Insulin, the Statins, the blood pressure medication, the various diabetic vitamins, Omega 3, tablets for macular degeneration, Prostate tablets, my regular eye injections plus ongoing treatment for my feet, I feel like I'm falling apart at the seams. It could be far worse, of course, but for someone who steered well clear of doctors and hospitals for so many years, it's a bit of a shock to the system. But I've adapted to it reasonably well according to Emiko, so hopefully, I can maintain things at this level.

Reading a very good biography on Nikolas Tesla at the moment...a man well ahead of his time. But I awoke at 5:30 am this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, troubled by mortal thoughts, so switched on the bedside lamp and read a little of Ray Bradbury's 'Farewell Summer.' I first encountered Bradbury's work in the 1960s and immediately became a fan. He was a unique writer and his books still fill me with a poetic nostalgia and reverie.

Will switch on the studio after dinner, (Emi has almost got it ready,) and see what the muse might have in store.


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