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All Ready For Action

This afternoon I picked up the two guitars that Gordon White of 'Single Coil' guitar repairs had fixed for me. Both are now in first class condition...the J.Joye 'Bel Air' has had a new jack socket and pickup selector switch fitted, and the Musicvox Mi-6 has had a Duesenberg Tremolo arm fitted and its neck trussed to lower the action. Feels so much better now, and the Duesenberg trem works a treat. The difference that Gordon can make is quite something. No wonder his skills are valued by so many guitarists. I'm looking forward to featuring these two guitars in my live set at the upcoming performance and launch party on the 28th, along with the other 13 guitars I'm scheduled to play. By the way, the latest news is that there are less than ten tickets left for the event, so, if you'd like to come, but haven't got a ticket yet, you'll need to act fast. No tickets will be available on the door. Here's a snap taken a couple of minutes ago of the two guitars that Gordon has fixed and set up. The gold one is the Musicvox, the baby blue one the 'Bel Air.'


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