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Thursday already and I've been busy all week working on 'These Stars Are Fire.' A couple more tracks finished since my last journal entry. Gradually moving towards triple album status.

Earlier in the week my friend Steve Cook came over to give Emi and I haircuts. This time he came with another old friend Dave Standeven, (rhythm guitarist with both 'The Lost Satellites' and 'The Gentlemen Rocketeers,' two bands I assembled for various shows in the past.) Astonishingly, I haven't seen Dave for six years, 2012 being the last time when 'The Gentleman Rocketeers' played at Nelsonica in York. A lot of changes in those six years, mainly with my health issues, so we had a fair bit to catch up on. 

Seeing Dave gave me the opportunity to show him a few of my guitar acquisitions and I brought some unusual ones down from my studio for his perusal whilst Steve cut Emi's hair. Then it was my turn for Steve's scissors and I'm now 'suitably Zen' as Steve put it.

Still experiencing problems with my mixing desk which causes a lot of frustration when recording and mixing. I'm having to devise ways of working around its faults and finding it difficult. This is the third Mackie D8B desk I've had and all have developed irrational errors of operation. When they work, they're a brilliant piece of kit, but when they fail, they're a real pain in the backside, and a very expensive item to fix.

However, I seem to have been struggling with broken or faulty recording gear ever since I first set up a home studio in the 1980's so I'm kind of used to plodding on regardless. Determination or sheer bloody mindedness? Whatever, I refuse to let this stuff beat me.

My Fret-King Country Squire Deluxe guitar seems to be getting a fair bit of use on the new tracks I've been recording. Its three different pickups produce a good range of tones and the tremolo system is solid with very few tuning issues. I'm enjoying playing this guitar.

Got the new Jeff Beck documentary DVD yesterday which has only just been released. Watched it last night after I'd finished in the studio but fell asleep part way through... Some nice and very flattering comments about Jeff from fellow guitarists including Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. Must try to stay awake the next time I watch it though!

Weather has turned a bit cooler since the extremely warm weekend. The Royal Wedding coming up this Saturday and the tv presenters are now gearing up for it big time. I suppose it will take people's attention away from the more depressing aspects of the news, especially in America where Trump's dysfunctional Presidency throws up fresh controversies almost every day.

It's after three in the afternoon now and time for a ramble outdoors I think. A new track waiting to be mixed later this evening. As ever...onward!

A flyer for the 'Powertron' album which will, hopefully, be released some time this year.

My Fret King Country Squire Deluxe guitar.

A flyer for 'Aqua Moon,' another completed album awaiting a release date...


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