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Was woken up very early this morning by Django the cat jumping on our bed. Managed to doze off again but not for long so eventually got up. A lovely clear blue sky and warm sunshine...looks like it will be a nice day.

Will be driving over to Wakefield this afternoon to help mum with her shopping, as we do every weekend. It's a bank holiday weekend so Monday will be quiet.

Might try a trip to Whitby on Sunday though I suspect the traffic will be bad due to the bank holiday with people seeking to escape the cities for a couple of days. We went to Castle Howard yesterday and the place wasn't very busy but the traffic on the way there was backed up, sometimes at a standstill, due to an accident. There were two ambulances, three police cars and three or four crashed vehicles closing off part of the road. It took us far longer than usual to reach Castle Howard.

Have been working on a new piece of interesting experiment using part of my recording of 'Crimsworth' but with overdubbed instrumentation and rhythm tracks. I've made three versions of it: one is a guitar instrumental, titled 'Aqua Celeste', the second is as a backing track for live improvisation, and the third is a vocal and guitar piece titled 'Orson's Ghost.' I'll put 'Aqua Celeste' and 'Orson's Ghost' on the 'These Stars Are Fire' album which I'm planning for release in December. Tracks for this album are gradually growing and it promises to be an interesting listen.

Meanwhile, here's another photograph of more guitars...

Left to right: My 'Astroluxe Cadet' signature guitar by Eastwood, a J.Joye 'Bel Air', a gold sparkle Musicvox and a Pure Salem 'Valiente.'


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