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Not long returned from collecting a new guitar, a second-hand Tokai Firebird in metallic red. The guitar was up for sale on eBay and I'd been keeping my eye on it for a week or two but hesitated to bid on it, mainly because of fearing Emiko's wrath at spending good money on yet another guitar. I'd mentioned the guitar in a post here and, amazingly, a very generous fan decided to buy it for me!

I'm not sure that he would want his full name revealed but his first name is Simon. Such an unexpected, kind and beautiful gesture and, of course, it got around any objection Emi might have raised. I'm so grateful to Simon.

The person selling the guitar conveniently happened to live in central York so I called at his home to collect the guitar at 5 pm today. His name is Mark, (again, I won't reveal his full name in case he wishes to remain anonymous,) but he turned out to be an extremely nice man, a professional author and a semi-pro guitarist. I enjoyed a great half hour in his company.

I was also flattered to discover that I was one of his three favourite guitar heroes so I signed copies of 'Sunburst Finish' and 'Axe Victim' for him. In return he gave me a copy of his book and, completely out of the blue, threw in a Blackstar HT-Reverb pedal...Amazing!

So, a day of gifts and two wonderful people. The guitar now resides here in my studio. I've plugged it in and had a brief play and have to say it sounds very good. I may eventually put a Duesenberg vibrato on it, as I did with my Musicvox guitar. In any case, I'll be featuring it on a number at December's birthday concert event.

Sincere thanks to Simon and Mark for their generosity and support. There are some good people in this world and I'm deeply appreciative of that.


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