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Valentine's day. Cold and wet outside. Looking forward to spending the evening in front of the log fire. First going shopping to buy something nice for dinner and maybe a bottle of bubbly.

Emi bought me a nice Valentine's gift: a biography of Norman Bel Geddes titled 'The Man Who Built The Future.' Promises to be a good read.

I bought Emi a new pair of boots and a 'plane ticket to Japan to visit her relatives and friends. She's going for ten days in April but I'm staying here to take care of Django and keep my medical appointments. It's a hassle travelling with diabetes and the need for insulin injections and blood-glucose level checks. So, I'll have to remain here on my lonesome.

'The Unrealist' download due very soon but I'm working on images for 'Dynamos And Tremolos' which will be the next physical CD release. I've almost made enough images now to send to Martin Bostock for him to work on the layout and typography. This will be an interesting package I think.

Went to buy a mini-amp and microphone for my mother to give to her great granddaughter, (and my grand niece,) Bethany who is seven years old today. She's been given a guitar for her birthday and mum is providing the little amplifier and a microphone for her. May well be another musical member of the Nelson family in the making.

Time to venture out in the rain to shop for culinary delights!


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