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A rather nice surprise yesterday...Jon Wallinger had forwarded, (some days ago now,) a message saying that Winchester University wanted to award me an honorary degree. My immediate reaction was that someone was having me on and I wasn't sure whether to respond or ignore it. Then yesterday a letter was forwarded, (by Jon,) from the Vice-Chancellor of Winchester University, explaining that the University's governors had extended an offer to award me a 'Doctor Of The Arts (Honoris Causa)' degree and wondered if I would accept it. I quickly checked out Winchester University on the internet and discovered that it is a venerable place of study dating back to the 1800s.

The award ceremony will take place in Winchester Cathedral on the 19th of October this year. Winchester is a very long way from where I live, so plans will need to be made for a probable two day absence, which means arranging someone to take care of feeding Django the cat, plus I'll need to take my insulin and diabetic paraphernalia with me. I don't stray too far from Yorkshire these days but perhaps this should be an exception.

Family members and friends are allowed to attend the ceremony so I hope that some of my fans living in the Winchester area will come along to lend a little support. Emi, of course, will be with me and perhaps my eldest daughter Julia and grandson Luke, who live in London,) might be able to make the journey further south to be with me.

Anyway, a few things to work out yet but I have to admit to being extremely flattered by this very nice surprise and will keep readers informed of progress via this journal.

Meanwhile, 'Dynamos And Tremolos' seems to be doing well and orders have been very positive so far. I've been informed today though that the cost of the special digi-pack sleeve has gone up considerably per unit so the profit margin on sales is going to be much less. But, once in a while, it's good to push the boat out, even though it costs me far more in terms of manufacturing costs.

As  for 'These Stars Are Fire'...' a triple album with appropriate packaging will cost even more to manufacture, but I now have over 40 tracks completed for the album and, as it's my special 70th birthday recording project, I'll just have to bite the bullet.

Emi at her Flower Guild meeting tonight so I'm having a Marks and Spencer 'ready meal.' It will do the job no doubt...


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