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It's been one of those dry, nothing much happening days. A typical Sunday in some respects, not as dead as the Sundays I experienced as a youngster in the 1950s when nothing was allowed to happen outside of the confines of your own home, (and very little happened even there, apart from listening to the 'Billy Cotton Band Show' or 'Family Favourites' on the 'wireless' (radio) whilst mum served a sit-down family lunch with a rare roast.)

There's still something slow and dragging about Sundays, despite shops being allowed, for many years now, to open until 5pm. The 'Sabbath' and all that.

How bizarre that we're all governed, (no matter where in the world we live, no matter what culture or diverse religion we're supposed to adhere to,) by a thousand shades of constricting religious belief. Humanity crippled by its own dumb imaginings.

Received an email from Emi in Japan. She seems to be enjoying meeting with her friends and brothers. I sent her pictures of Django looking wistfully for her return, just as he's done since she went away.

Worked in my studio on the 'These Stars Are Fire' track. Added an extended coda. Still using the Tokai Firebird that was gifted to me by a generous fan.

Waiting for the Duesenberg 'Les Trem' vibrato unit that I've ordered to arrive this coming week. Once fitted to the Tokai by my guitar fettler of choice, Gordon White of 'Single Coil Guitar Repairs', it will be almost perfect, apart from that extremely heavy neck dive that blights its balance on the strap. Have to devise a way around that.

The album I'm recording, which is also titled 'These Stars Are Fire,' is coming along nicely. It will probably end up as a double album.

Regardless of ongoing problems with my recording equipment, my desire to create music somehow finds a way around them. Compromises and abandoning the high ground sometimes produces results of sorts, sometimes very good ones.

Images with this journal entry are: An old advert from the late '70s showing me promoting the Hagstrom Patch 2000 guitar synth that I used on the 'Drastic Plastic' album. And another picture of dear Django the cat.


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