Updated: Oct 19, 2018

Today has been busy with one thing or another, though tomorrow will be busier.

Steve Cook, hairdresser and occasional keyboardist, came over to our house today to trim my hair in preparation for tomorrow's trip to Winchester to receive my honorary Doctorate Of Arts degree. Steve arrived on the train and I picked him up from the station and took him back when the snippy deed was done. Always nice to see Steve, regardless of haircuts. I've known him since he was a junior at Vidal Sassoon in Leeds, way back in the 1980s.

Spent much of the day sorting out what to wear for tomorrow's ceremony and packing a large shoulder bag for the trip. The bag contains a copy of the latest 'Fortean Times' magazine and a paperback book I bought from a second-hand bookshop which tells the story of 'The Shadows'. It was written some years ago and I'm not sure how truthful it might be, but it will hopefully keep me entertained on the long trip to Winchester and back. Don't know how easy it will be to read on the train though as I can't make out any text without glasses and a magnifying glass. I'll probably look like Mr Magoo to everyone passing my seat.

Also packed my iPod and headphones in case the reading proves too difficult. Music may be the only way to pass the hours of the journey. I have some Tony Hancock radio sketches on the iPod too. which are always good for a nostalgic trip back to younger years.

Suffered a nasty fall tonight. We went round to our neighbours who have said they'll keep an eye out for Django tomorrow and let him in or out depending on his mood. We went to explain a few things about this and in the darkness outside their door I tripped over an iron boot scraper and fell heavily to the ground. I sustained a couple of nasty wounds and a few scratches. My ankle was quite badly cut by the sharp edge of the boot scraper and my knee was gashed and bloody. Also hit my head on the floor and have a slight headache as a result.

When we returned home, Emiko helped me clean the wounds and large band-aids were applied. The ankle is still bleeding though and I'm walking with a bit of a limp...

Have to be up at 6 am to get ready for the journey to Winchester. An ungodly hour for me, I'm afraid. We'll get a taxi to the station and hopefully everything will be on time. Taking my Diabetes kit with me, Insulin and needles, blood test meter, etc. I suspect my regular blood-sugar management routine will be disrupted somewhat but hopefully things will not get too out of hand. I have some jelly babies in my bag in case of 'hypos' too. (When blood sugar drops too low.) It's a juggling act in many ways, trying to keep it all on a reasonably even keel. A pain in the bum having to deal with it on a daily basis but it's essential as Diabetes is life threatening left unattended.

On an entirely different subject, Eastwood guitars tonight announced a new 'deluxe' version of the Backlund Model 100 guitar. Regular visitors to the Dreamsville website will have seen the photo' of me on the home page with my original Model 100 which I've had for a couple of years now. But, wow, this new deluxe version is stunning and is fitted with a vibrato arm. It's in a beautiful pearl white and comes with three different coloured pick guards. It also has large block pearl position markers on the neck, (which would help me immensely as I have severe eyesight problems.)

Eastwood are apparently only producing 12 of this model. I've attached a photo' of one with the red pick guard but the green pick guard works superbly with the pearl white body. Do I want one? Well, what do you think? Of course I do! How can I justify it to Emiko though? Say it's an early Christmas present to myself? Sneak it in the back door and hope she doesn't notice? Damn, I wish Mike Robinson wouldn't keep coming up with such stunning guitars and tempting me so sorely. Eastwood really have a great take on unusual guitar designs and it seems to be paying off for them. Bravo! As much as I'm drooling over it though, I can't take the opportunity to buy one...Emiko would go ballistic...

Now I'll limp off and sulk and try not to keep looking at this six string seductress...

The Backlund Super Model 100 by Eastwood with its red pick guard fitted.

And here's photo' of the Super 100 with the green pick guard fitted...Nice!