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In a couple of hours time Emi and I will be driving over to Wakefield to join members of the Nelson clan to celebrate my mother's 90th birthday. My eldest daughter Julia and grandson Luke have come up from London and my younger daughter Elle and my son Elliot will be there too, as will my late brother's wife Diane and Ian's son and daughter Louis and Lucy. Unfortunately, Ian's eldest son Julian and his wife Lyndsey can't make it but they visited mum yesterday instead.

I can't quite believe mum is 90 years old. She's remarkably sharp mentally though somewhat frail physically. But she remembers some things, (like people's names,) far better than I do.

We are all going out for dinner together in Wakefield, ten of us in total. I've packed my blood test kit and insulin injection stuff so that I can do my usual diabetic routine at mum's before heading off to the restaurant.  

Weather has changed today, much cooler and grey rainclouds everywhere. Apparently it will deteriorate further on Sunday.

I've changed one of the track titles on the AUDITORIA album again. The track that was originally titled 'Wonder Street' was briefly renamed as 'Wonder Street Again' due to another track on a different album being also called 'Wonder Street.'  Now, to completely avoid any confusion, I've changed it again. It's now called 'Contrary Wise.' These things are always in a state of flux until the components go off for manufacture.

I'm also continuing work on making images for the album packaging. Some nice things emerging at the moment.

Completed a video for 'Windmill Interlude' from the 'Model Village' album...some nice footage of Castle Howard and Knaresborough. I'm planning to make another video to accompany one more track from 'Model Village,' possibly the track titled 'Cross Country.'

And, talking about crossing the country, it's now time for me to get changed ready to make the trip to Wakefield....


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