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Finally managed to get a haircut today when Steve Cook came over to do the snippy stuff on Emi's hair and mine too. A fairly close crop for me, but much tidier and sharper.

A bit of a panic though due to getting an email from mastering engineer John Spence outline his commitments over the next few months. I was hoping to get the triple 'Auditoria' album mastered over at Fairview with John in the next few weeks but it seems he's booked solid recording an album with a band right through into October, which will be too late to master my album and get it to the pressing plant and back in time for the December event.

I called John this morning and have managed to book a few hours tomorrow with him to attempt to get as much of my mixes transferred to Fairview's mastering computer as possible. There's also a possibility of grabbing a few more hours on Thursday, but not definite at this stage. John's away on holiday from Friday and when he returns he's booked solid with the 'Mostly Autumn' band for many weeks. This means that it may be difficult for me to get another album mastered in time for a release before the 'Auditoria' album comes out. I was thinking of putting one of the 'awaiting for release' albums up on Bandcamp as a digital download. Maybe I'll still try and do this by issuing the unmastered version...

The bigger worry is that John is scheduled for a much needed knee operation which looks like it might occur in November. John's doctor has told him it will require a long recuperation period which, unfortunately, may infringe on the December 1st 'Plectronica' event when John is booked to mix the live sound. I know John has been suffering terribly with pain recently due to his knee problem and desperately needs to get it sorted out. If everything works out well enough for him to take command of the live mix at 'Plectronica', I'll be very grateful, not to mention relieved, but I have to accept that this might not be the case. So, what to do?

John has worked with me in the studio and on live events so often over the years that he's come to know the subtle 'ins and outs' of my sound requirements like no one else. He's totally sympathetic to my needs in this respect and always delivers the best for me, for which I'm extremely grateful.

I'm already nervous about this sold out 70th birthday event, partly due to my own health concerns and lack of confidence, but to embark on it without John at the mixing desk, (if it comes to that,) will be an even greater worry.

But make no mistake, I'm fully aware that John's knee operation is of greater import, a priority and so I will have to figure out an alternative solution, (though I'm not sure what that might be at this point in time.)

I'll place that concern aside for the moment and concentrate on getting my DAT tapes and mastering done tomorrow, at least as much as is possible. An early rise...


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