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Another very hot day...This heatwave doesn't seem to be letting up and we've had no rain for several weeks now. The garden is looking parched and the grass yellow.

Took a ride to Castle Howard this afternoon but the traffic on the A64 was at a standstill in places. With the top down on the car, Emiko and I got the full brunt of the afternoon sun. Somewhat uncomfortable.

Castle Howard was surprisingly quiet. Maybe most people were heading off to the coast for the weekend. We sat in the Castle's cafe and I indulged in a glass of strawberries and cream, which I really shouldn't do with my diabetes problem but, once in a while...

Anyway, I didn't eat the whole glass, only half of it and Emi polished off the rest. Did enjoy a glass of red wine with it though...

Stopped off at Waitrose on the way back home and bought some clams and scallops which Emi prepared along with a Carpaccio Tuna steak for dinner, plus a salad and some garlic bread. Very nice!

Made my usual phone contact with my mother at 8pm and then switched on the studio. Listened back to the track I mixed last night but wasn't convinced I'd got it right so did a complete re-mix which I've just finished before writing this journal entry. Still not sure it's right. My mixing desk is behaving very strangely and there are several faults and odd things going on with it, (as I've noted before in this journal.)

I don't know, maybe the roughness of some of these mixes works to advantage. But there's not much I can do about it. Either way. It gets to the point where I tire of chasing my tail around the desk, trying to correct things that have slipped from my initial grasp for no apparent reason. Digital malfunctions are mysterious and defy logic.

But, it's what it is and I'll just have to live with the imperfections, as will my audience, (should they notice them.) To some degree, it's not worth beating myself up about...Then again...

The track I remixed is titled 'The Science Of Extraodinairy Things.' It's a vocal piece in an almost '70s country waltz style but mutates into a jazzy coda which then mutates again into a kind of abstract sonic assault. A track that, on one level, is quite straight but, on another level, utterly bizarre. Don't know whether to love it or hate it. Emi, it seems, loves it for some reason. Says it reminds her of Be Bop Deluxe. (She hasn't heard the chaotic racket on the end though!)

The heat up here in the studio is oppressive, especially with all the equipment turned on, so I think I'll call it a day for now.

Visiting mum tomorrow to do her supermarket shopping, then, once back home, will start another new track. Despite over 40 completed tracks for the album so far, I feel the need to keep going...Always looking forward to tomorrow.


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