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Old Haunts

A launch party previewing the new CD 

- Saturday 9th November 2019 -

During a 'Nelsonica Team' get-together, back in June 2019, Bill happened to mention that he would like to put on a launch party, to celebrate the release of his 'Old Haunts' album which he was then working on. Even though it was very late in the day to start making the arrangements, a launch party was duly arranged.

Due to the previous year, when many fans missed out on buying tickets because of how quickly they sold, an announcement was made, giving fans a date and time that they could purchase tickets. This seemed to give everybody a much fairer chance and tickets sold out in less than 24 hours.

The event was again held at the Clothworker's Centenary Hall at the University of Leeds. 

After the success of the previous year's live streaming of the event, it was decided to offer the same service this year, to enable those fans that couldn't make it the opportunity to see the live performance. Unfortunately, due to technical failures with the venue's equipment, the live broadcast failed completely. Luckily, the live show was recorded and the video was made available to view 'On Demand'.

The show kicked off with a new 12 minute video entitled 'Piano Meditations' that Bill had prepared - this can be seen here in Dreamsville here at the Essoldo Cinema.

For the live show, Bill played a set of instrumental pieces and introduced a different guitar for each of the 12 tracks that he played .

Bill Nelson Live, Leeds 2019

Set List:-

1: 'Gloria Mundae'

2: 'I Always Knew You Would Find Me'

3: 'Hypnos'

4: 'Elliptic Waterfall'

5: 'Luxeodeon'

6: 'The Awakening Of Dr. Dream'

7: 'Antique Gods'

8: 'The Raindrop Collector'

9: 'A Dream For Ian'

10: 'Mars welcomes Careful Drivers'

11: 'Beyond These Clouds, The Sweetest Dream'

12: 'Sleepwalk' (Encore)

Eastwood Airline Coronado Prize Draw Guitar

Bill Nelson was a patron of the charity Sara's Hope Foundation.

For this event, Eastwood yet again kindly donated one of their guitars, a fabulous Eastwood Airline - Coronado '59 which Bill decorated.

The guitar was raffled off, raising a great amount for the charity and it meant that a very lucky ticket-buyer took this fantastic guitar home with them.

Dave (Guitar Winner) & Bill Nelson

Once the live set was finished, Bill took a short break and then returned to the stage to present his new album 'Old Haunts'​. Using a backdrop of a new video he had created, Bill introduced each track from the album, giving a brief explanation of his thoughts behind each track - these album notes can be found here.

After the album playback, Bill said his farewells and said he MAY be back again sometime...Let's hope so!!!

Bill Nelson - Old Haunts - Cover



If you have any pictures of the event that you would like to share - please get in touch!


Regarding the brief vocal rendition of the old Elvis Presley song 'Mystery Train,' it was a spontaeous, unrehearsed piece, prompted by the fact that the Peerless SC guitar that I was playing at that point in the performance was basically a copy of the gold-topped Gibson archtop that the legendary guitarist Scotty Moore played on those early Elvis rock n' roll recordings.


Not only were the audience taken by surprise but John Spence, up in the crow's nest where he was mixing the live audio, was also unaware of what was coming and had to cope with the unscheduled inclusion of a brief vocal performance. It was entirely off the cuff and just a bit of nostalgic rock n' roll fun, a nod to my roots.


One of the earliest records I heard as a kid was 'Jailhouse Rock' by Elvis Presley and Scotty Moore's wonderful electric guitar sound was a major inspiration for me, along with Duane Eddy's equally inspirational 'Twangy' sound.


Gary Warner:

Unlike most people at the event this year's album launch was the first one I've been to. I found Bill's music somewhat late totally by accident. Whilst looking through some vinyl in a second hand shop I came across a copy of Modern Music and Drastic Plastic.

I had managed to miss Be Bop totally growing up in the 70's and only remembered Bill from the Red Noise era. I thought I would give them a go and soon found myself massive fan.

So I worked forwards, through Be Bop and solo as far as I could, then onto selected current stuff not on Apple music to the present (still ongoing).

I was too late for last years event but managed to get a ticket this year. I didn't know what to expect, but it far surpassed my expectations.

Firstly queuing to get in I immediately felt at home with others who love Bill, then going in hearing the piano renditions of Be Bop songs whilst getting some merchandise was wonderful.

The people I spoke with were friendly and a nice atmosphere of anticipation.

The event itself was fantastic, the live pieces, some I knew some I was unfamiliar with, were all impeccably played and the number of beautiful guitars used was an unexpected treat for me.

Bill's introductions were both witty and interesting. 

The album launch and accompanying visuals were great and fit together well. Even though the songs were new to me, I knew the album was going to be a favourite.

I will never forget being part of the audience for the launch.

For me, coming in so late, it's difficult...half of me because I haven't experienced the early songs live and want to hear them (even if in new arrangements to suit Bill now).

The other half likes the fact that Bill is constantly moving forward and doesn't want to be a greatest hits act, like most of his contemporaries.

He's doing his own thing, left of field, which is why I love him.

I think the album is some of his best work and to be releasing new music in the quantity and quality at this stage of his career is amazing.

The music and lyrics fit just right for this stage of my musical journey through life, the shadows are there but always hope and light.

The guitar playing and ambient sounds all fit perfectly.


So I'm late getting here, but I hope this year's event will be the first of a few more to come.

I'm in for the rest of the journey. 


Rob Lucas: 


Just have to say it was a great evening and a pleasure meeting so many like minded people!

Watching the master again plying his artistry in many ways!


What a fantastic performance! That's it really! Thought Bill was on cracking form, seemed to be enjoying himself. What a treat.



A big thank you to Ian and the other helpers for making this wonderful event happen.

Bill you were relaxed and in great form. The Mystery Train interlude was magic!

Looking forward to next year...again!!!



Peter Fricker:


What a brilliant evening it was, your playing and chat was spot on. And I look forward to watching the live concert when it is available. Well done and see you next year??

David Inch:

I wasn't expecting this at all on the guitar change to his golden 'Scotty Moore' Peerless Gigmaster SC guitar, on what initially appeared to be no more than a little interlude on the strings we were treated to a rendition of Elvis Presley's 'Mystery Train'. I nearly fell off the edge of my seat...what an amazing night we all enjoyed.

Bill Nelson - Old Haunts Flyer
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