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Old Haunts

A launch party previewing the new CD 

- Saturday 9th November 2019 -

During a 'Nelsonica Team' get-together, back in June 2019, Bill happened to mention that he would like to put on a launch party, to celebrate the release of his 'Old Haunts' album which he was then working on. Even though it was very late in the day to start making the arrangements, a launch party was duly arranged.

Due to the previous year, when many fans missed out on buying tickets because of how quickly they sold, an announcement was made, giving fans a date and time that they could purchase tickets. This seemed to give everybody a much fairer chance and tickets sold out in less than 24 hours.

The event was again held at the Clothworker's Centenary Hall at the University of Leeds. 

After the success of the previous year's live streaming of the event, it was decided to offer the same service this year, to enable those fans that couldn't make it the opportunity to see the live performance. Unfortunately, due to technical failures with the venue's equipment, the live broadcast failed completely. Luckily, the live show was recorded and the video was made available to view 'On Demand'.

The show kicked off with a new 12 minute video entitled 'Piano Meditations' that Bill had prepared - this can be seen here in Dreamsville here at the Essoldo Cinema.

For the live show, Bill played a set of instrumental pieces and introduced a different guitar for each of the 12 tracks that he played .

Bill Nelson Live, Leeds 2019

Set List:-

1: 'Gloria Mundae'

2: 'I Always Knew You Would Find Me'

3: 'Hypnos'

4: 'Elliptic Waterfall'

5: 'Luxeodeon'

6: 'The Awakening Of Dr. Dream'

7: 'Antique Gods'

8: 'The Raindrop Collector'

9: 'A Dream For Ian'

10: 'Mars welcomes Careful Drivers'

11: 'Beyond These Clouds, The Sweetest Dream'

12: 'Sleepwalk' (Encore)

Eastwood Airline Coronado Prize Draw Guitar

Bill Nelson was a patron of the charity Sara's Hope Foundation.

For this event, Eastwood yet again kindly donated one of their guitars, a fabulous Eastwood Airline - Coronado '59 which Bill decorated.

The guitar was raffled off, raising a great amount for the charity and it meant that a very lucky ticket-buyer took this fantastic guitar home with them.

Dave (Guitar Winner) & Bill Nelson

Once the live set was finished, Bill took a short break and then returned to the stage to present his new album 'Old Haunts'​. Using a backdrop of a new video he had created, Bill introduced each track from the album, giving a brief explanation of his thoughts behind each track - these album notes can be found here.

After the album playback, Bill said his farewells and said he MAY be back again sometime...Let's hope so!!!

Bill Nelson - Old Haunts - Cover



If you have any pictures of the event that you would like to share - please get in touch!