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Nelsonica 07

For the Nelsonica 07 convention, held on the 27th October 2007, a new venue was required.  

The Park Inn, in the centre of York provided much better seating arrangement, as well as a break-away bar and plenty of rooms for attendees to stay over, should they wish!


The theme and title of this year's convention was 'Secret Club For Members Only'.  

Attendees would receive a 'Top Secret' envelope containing their convention CD along with other goodies.

Bill performed a solo set, split into two sections to allow for a break.

Here's the set list for the show...

Set One: 

1: Gloria Mundae. 
2: I Always Knew You Would Find Me. 
3: The Raindrop Collector. 
4: Golden Dream Of Circus Horses. 
5: Night Song Of The Last Tram. 
6: Beatniks From Outer Space. 
7: Imperial Parade. 
8: Somewhere In Far Tomorrow. 
9: A Dream For Ian. 
10: Contemplation. (Vocal.) 
11: Ghost Show. (Vocal.) 

Set Two: 

1: Mars Welcomes Careful Drivers. 
2: Beyond These Clouds. 
3: Artifex. 
4: Teatime In The Republic Of Dreams. 
5: Secret Club For Members Only. 
6: Sleepwalk. 
7: Hey, Bill Diddley!' (Part vocal.) 
8: Neon Lights And Japanese Lanterns. 
9: The Girl On The Fairground Waltzer. 
10: Quinta Essentia.

Here's a few pictures...if you have any you would like to add, please get in touch!

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