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Separated At Birth


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The skywriting seen in the 16-seconds-in-length Western Union television ad from 2019 and the cigarette smoke seen on the cover of the album called 'Fantasma' by Cornelius (Keigo Oyamada) from 1997 ...










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Mar 14


William "Rick" Singer


John E. du Pont


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Apr 12









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Isabella Farnese [Big Brother 19, UK] and Keesha Smith [Big Brother 10, US] could be across-the-pond sisters.



Apr 30


Homes by Matti Suuronen, 1968



Ranking Roger’s recording studio by Archipod, 2013

May 7





Maybe not quite separated at birth, but ... every time I see FBI Director Christopher Wray on the television, I think of Jason Starkey (one of Ringo Starr's sons). It has much to do with the eyes ... and the smirk.

Oct 10

Cliff Richard’s ‘Congratulations’ and George Harrison’s ‘It’s Johnny’s Birthday’

Oct 29

The Walgreens logo and the Washington Nationals logo













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Xfinity corporate logo, XFi corporate logo


Cross of St. Gilbert
















Cross and Crown


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