Mar 22

Same As It Ever Was

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Thought maybe things had moved on, but it looks like most action is still over at the old place, and that it's still a lot of the same old same old. Too much polarized political bullshit, which I don't even read about much anymore. Most people are missing the boat, the point, and certainly the fun in a world spinning down the potty (^8. If there was a simple solution, if The Donald was the disease, and not a symptom of a deeper sickness in the US political

system (both parties, and all the news) then it might be worth the time to get involved with you lovely people discussing such matters. But it isn't. There isn't. It's not simple, and it's not going to get fixed. But I did want to come back and check. See yous in the next world, or next year . Dogboy out...

Mar 22

So how is the strat?

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