Oct 20

question from Canada

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I'm wondering if anyone on the forum can recommend a way of purchasing cd's from Ebay. The cd's that I want are on auction from a seller that does not ship to Canada.

Any help would be appreciated.




Oct 21Edited: Oct 21

You could send the seller a direct eBay message to see if they would be willing to ship to Canada, if you could come to a mutually accepted arrangement i.e. you paying extra to cover shipping costs etc...it can be done and it's got to be worth a try, you never know, they might just say yes..after all, sellers want to sell...your first line of approach at least.


Edit: When I made the above comment, I somehow missed that you said up on auction.

mmm, not sure you could do this on an auction, not even sure you would be able to bid....You could still eBay message the seller I suppose, tell them you are serious and see if they would ship to Canada this one time? i.e. revise and add global shipping to this particular listing, worth a try I suppose....My initial idea was more for a 'buy it now' or 'best offer' scenario.


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