Aug 16

Peter Fonda


Goodbye Peter Fonda, an interesting actor in a family of interesting actors. Thought Peter Fonda was pretty cool when I was a little kid and saw ‘Easy Rider.’ Then when I was a slightly older little kid and reading my brother’s copy of ‘Lennon Remembers,’ finding out that Peter Fonda was the inspiration for The Beatles track ‘She Said, She Said’ was amazing, too. Have always respected PF and tried to watch whatever he appeared in.

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  • Hi, Just wanted to share this ... There are a couple of things out there that should command every discerning music lover's attention. 1. Roxanna Panufnik's 'Faithful Journey (A Mass For Poland). 2. Dobrinka Tabakova's 'Together We Should Learn To Dance'. Seek out & enjoy!!!!!
  • Hi Nelsonians, Might have noticed I've been out of circulation for a while. At 11:15 on November 19 my little baby girl Geneva was born! She's 7 pounds and has a full head of dark brown hair and mommy's sweet face. What can I say, I'm overwhelmed. We are at the hospital now and going home tomorrow morning. I look forward to playing some soothing Bill Nelson music for her! Guess that's all I know for now. That and that I've loved her more than I ever thought I could love anyone or anything since before she was born. I'll be in touch but you can always reach me at if you want to be subjected to cute baby pictures! Take care friends! Johnny M
  • If you've got three pickups with three volume controls, why do you need three on/off switches!?

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