Oct 25

Live Track of the Day


A band that don't get talked about too much here, but imo, they are a real class act


...and definitely have their own thing going on..


From a live TV performance earlier on this evening, playing their current single


Stereophonics ~ 'Bust This Town'




Nov 2

David Bowie ~ Stay ~ Always Crashing In The Same Car

...Musique Plus, Canada, Montreal, Nov. 22, 1999




3 days agoEdited: 3 days ago

RE Stereophonics: I listened to them when they came out. (Back then, you could rent CDs in Amsterdam.) They never clicked. Somehow, groups like Stereophonics, Feeder, Bliffy Clyro just don't do it for me.


(This comment didn't end up in the right place.)

2 days ago

Yes, I know exactly what you mean and actually I agree with bands like Feeder and Biffy Clyro, they don't really do that much for me, although I don't dislike them, I wouldn't go and see them live, for example..I find their sound a little 'vanilla', just that bit bland (although I like the odd song).


However, just my opinion, but I think Stereophonics are a different kettle of fish altogether. Much better musicians and song writers, way more creative depth, with bags more gravitas than Biffy or Feeder. They have some fantastic albums under their belt and are a band that, don't exactly reinvent themselves, but always find ways of moving forwards, that I think keeps them fresh and vital, and a positive force after nearly 30 years...great live act too...they certainly have charisma.


But, all that's cool...we can't all like all of the same stuff, all of the time!

Now that would be boring😉

2 days ago

Check this live performance out, pure class imho.


Colin Hay probably has quite a few fans here at Dreamsville, and this is his live performance of 'Overkill' at Normans Rare Guitars shop from 2015...Colin, plus a 1939 Gibson J-35 = pure class.


It's the best version I've heard of this song, and like a fine wine, like many of the now older musicians, singers, song writers and guitar players we all like and admire, our Bill included, just get better with age.....his vocals here are truly wonderful...lovely playing too.




a day ago

Oh and re: Colin Hay...he is a tremendous talent...a great songwriter. BIG thumbs up.

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