Apr 7

Books, Magazines, Papers: What Are You Reading?


Edited: Apr 7

Currently reading The Magical History of Britain by Martin Wall -- enjoyable and enlightening.

Apr 7

What an intriguing title, David 😎

Apr 7Edited: Apr 9


Barry Miles is so knowledgeable and so entertaining that this book is a winner. Don’t know why I didn’t read it sooner. 🤔😶

Apr 8

Barry Miles's biog of Burroughs is the best I've ever read. I came away from it with a much clearer understanding of WSB. A more complicated and contradictory man than I even imagined!

Apr 9Edited: Apr 9

It really is exceptional and swirly with details. I’m in the process of reading it a second time and between rereads I read this other book by Barry ...




I’d like to dedicate the John Foxx track ‘You Were There’ to Barry because just as in the WSB biog, Barry himself appears in it as a peripheral character.

Apr 9Edited: Apr 9

Also because of your review of it, I’ve read this one a couple of times, including the Audible version, read by Graham ...




Apr 9

That reminds me, I've been meaning to look at Graham Hancock's new one, which sounds tres interesting... America Before: The Key to Earth's Lost Civilisation. I know he was looking into this specifically US-based evidence a while ago. If only I had a second life to catch up on all the reading!


Apr 9

@David with you on that, David. Been thinking that America Before might be my next Audible credit and, since it's Graham reading it, and since you mentioned it here, I'm going to go with that. Thanks.

Apr 15


Someone had just posted this book cover from the 1970, and it happens to be a book I have. Originally obtained when I was a member of the Science Fiction Book Club way back when. My copy is actually in better shape. I need to get a photo & post it at some point.


Always loved the illustration by Mike Hinge.



Aug 18

A great cover

Apr 15

"Benson The Autobiography" by George Benson


One of Keith Emerson's influences was Brother Jack McDuff. George was in his band very early in his career, which led me to this book. George was quite the prodigy when he was young, playing ukelele and guitar at the local candy shop for tips! Check out YouTube for more on Jack McDuff quartet with George Benson on guitar.

Apr 25


Can’t recommend enough. Just started reading it. So entertaining and I’m only in his early childhood. Reads itself, as they say.

Jun 12

Eternity's Sunrise: The Imaginative World of William Blake by Leo Damrosch.


Very clear and concise...as far as it's possible to be clear and concise in relation to Blake.

Jun 21


Novel by James Gunn, but not the director of “Guardians Of The Galaxy”. A totally different James Gunn.


Originally published in 1972, the story sounds familiar to “Contact”. A scientist at the Aricebo listening station looks for signals of intelligent life for years. Almost loosing hope… then a message comes through. His nemesis is a religious zealot who is sure there is no intelligent life outside of earth. Hmm… that does sound familiar. But this book came out earlier. “Contact” was published in 1985.


Interestingly, I was trying to find if the two James Gunn’s were related. Well, they are not. But I did find that the author of “The Listeners” lives just outside Kansas City in Lawrence, KS.


And he’s still around at 95 years old.


And I found his email, contacted him (and sent the above photo), and he replied!



Just finished "Dr. John - Under A Hoodoo Moon" by Dr. John with Jack Rummel. An excellent read!

Jul 30

Currently reading John Cowper Powys epic A Glastonbury Romance. It's all of England.

Sep 8

Hmm… a biography of Oliver Reed? That must be entertaining, I’ll bet.



Sep 8

Had long wondered about him and YouTube kept sending me clips of him 🤔😶 I’m still in the early years when he’s trying to break into acting. The reader’s voice has an old-school delivery. 😎

Sep 8

Nice cover.

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